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Traffic Warden Position Joburg With Stipend

City of Johannesburg Issues Correction for EPWP: Traffic Warden Position

The City of Johannesburg recently published an erratum to rectify a mistake made in an advertisement for the EPWP: Traffic Warden position. This article aims to explain the correction in simple terms.

What is EPWP?

EPWP stands for Expanded Public Works Programme, a government initiative designed to fight poverty and unemployment by providing job opportunities to unemployed South Africans.

What is a Traffic Warden?

A Traffic Warden is a Peace Officer responsible for enforcing law and order in assigned areas, particularly regarding road traffic legislation and by-laws. The role involves preventing crimes and maintaining public safety.

What was the mistake in the advertisement?

The original advertisement listed the minimum requirement for the Traffic Warden position as Grade 12 (NQF level 4).

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However, the actual minimum requirement for this job is Grade 10 (NQF level 2). This means that candidates who have completed Grade 10 can apply for this position.

What are the correct minimum requirements?

  • Grade 10 (NQF level 2) qualification
  • Valid driver’s license (this means that the candidate can drive a car legally)
  • Willingness to be trained as a Traffic Warden
  • An affidavit declaring that the applicant has no criminal record

What is an affidavit?

An affidavit is a legal document that declares that the person has made a statement under oath and is telling the truth. In this case, the affidavit must confirm that the candidate has not been convicted of any crime.

What is the new closing date?

The new closing date for the application is Thursday, 1 June 2023. This means that candidates have more time to apply for the position.

The City of Johannesburg has corrected their advertisement for the Traffic Warden position in regards to its minimum requirements and the closing date for applications.

Candidates need to take note of these changes to ensure that their application meets the correct requirements.

This job is an opportunity for Grade 10 candidates who are willing to be trained and are passionate about law enforcement.