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TK Marketing Learnerships 2023-2024

TK Marketing Sales Learnership Programme 2023/24 in Gauteng

Are you a young, ambitious individual with dreams of financial success and personal growth? Look no further!

TK Marketing, a marketing phenomenon operating under Credico FSP, is offering exciting opportunities for individuals like you.

Join their team as a sales representative and embark on a journey towards achieving your strategic goals with ease and support from your peers.

Here’s all you need to know about this fantastic opportunity:

Company Overview

  • TK Marketing is a marketing phenomenon that operates under Credico FSP.
  • They are seeking young individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Salespeople should aspire to attain financial success and enjoy the freedom it brings.
  • You will work independently but receive assistance from fellow peers to achieve strategic goals.

Job Details

  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Experience Required: No experience is necessary
  • Education Level: Grade 12 (Matric certificate)
  • Gender: Any
  • Age: 18 to 28 years
  • Number of Vacancies: 35

Job Description

As a sales representative at TK Marketing, your primary responsibility will be selling products to consumers and ensuring their satisfaction.

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You will serve as the main point of contact between the company and its valued customers.

No previous experience is required; all you need is a matric certificate!


  • Free training on both FICA & FAIS ACT: Enhance your knowledge and skills with comprehensive training on financial regulations.
  • Local Travel Opportunities: Get ready to explore different locations while fulfilling your sales responsibilities.
  • Fun Working Atmosphere: Enjoy a lively and enjoyable work environment that promotes enthusiasm and collaboration.
  • Learnership for Managerial Growth: TK Marketing provides a learnership program that aims to groom individuals for future managerial positions.

Join TK Marketing today and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit!

This is an incredible opportunity to receive comprehensive training, travel locally, work in a fun environment, and participate in a learnership program that will set you on the path to becoming a successful manager.

Don’t miss out on this chance to grow both personally and financially.

Apply now and kickstart your sales career!

About TK Marketing

Since 2015, TK Marketing has been operating in the direct, face-to-face sales sector. This sector is targeted via event-based marketing.

TK Marketing takes pleasure in expanding its clients’ consumer bases in the telecoms sector.

Customers now have many of alternatives for marketing and advertising, including TV, radio, print, the internet, etc., but direct sales have stood the test of time and delivered greater results at a lower cost.

This type of marketing is also great from the customer’s point of view because it involves interaction between the representative (acting on the client’s behalf) and the customer, giving the latter the opportunity to ask questions in order to feel more at ease with the product or service being offered.

This also helps to foster trust in the offered goods or services.

The chance TK Marketing provides to young people wishing to pursue careers in sales is something our firm now takes great pleasure in, in addition to the service the company provides to its clients.

The company does this through our management development program, where its ultimate goal is to develop staff all the way up to senior management and beyond.