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Rigging Learnerships 2023-2024

Rigging is a profession that moves and secures equipment, heavy loads and more. It combines pulling, lifting, transporting and moving by using machines, pulleys, chains, hoists, flatbeds, jacks, cranes and other equipment. They are used in numerous industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, oil, ship and plain building, gas, telecommunications, power plants and basically any business or industry that requires the moving of heavy objects. Many rigging professionals can also do general repairs, maintenance, installations, as well as mechanical and electrical jobs. Some of the biggest SA companies offer Rigging Learnerships every year.

Objects up to a weight of 4830 ton can be moved by using riggers and their equipment. A rigger is almost the same as a moving company, except that they move large and heavy objects. Riggers are a vital part of any form of construction as they ensure all safety is in place, the movement of objects, fitment and more.

Rigging Learnerships Available

There are many companies and industries offering learnerships in this field. These include construction, mining, teaching and more. Learnerships in this field teaches you about the day-to-day tasks, safety, correct equipment usage, maintenance and all other aspects involved.

Fields available:

  • Rigger
  • Assistant Rigger

Companies offering Rigging Learnerships

Rigging Learnerships Requirements

The requirements for this field will depend on whether you are entering the construction industry, mining, public or private sectors. Below is a list of the basic stipulations most companies have in common. Before you apply make sure you meet the stipulations stated by the company you are applying to.

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Basic stipulations:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens
  • All candidates must have a Grade 12 certification
  • Candidates must possess a valid ID document
  • A candidate must have the applicable diploma or degree required for the field of application
  • Applicants must have an exceptional understanding of numeracy
  • All applicants must not have any physical restrictions
  • Applicants must have great coordination skills ? eye ? hand ? foot
  • All applicants must be detail-orientated
  • Applicants must have a firm knowledge of the English language
  • Candidates must be able to work as part of a team and individually

Understanding of safety aspects will be beneficial, as well as being computer literate. If you apply in this field, remember to complete the application in full and attach all your certified copies of your documents. Applicants who are selected will be placed on a shortlist and these may be asked to attend an interview, as well as complete some tests or assessments before a company makes its final selection.