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Radiography Learnerships 2023-2024

Radiography Learnerships

If you enjoy anatomy, imaging techniques, working with the sick, technology and finding solutions to problems this field may be great. Companies offering Radiography learnerships look for talented people who have the right qualifications to be taught more intently in their career path.

Radiography uses technologically advanced machines to find problems present on the inside of patients. Most of these machines deliver images of the human body that cannot be seen otherwise. These include machines for x-rays, MRI, ultrasound and more. This field is one of the major aspects of modern medicine as it can give doctors a more solid grasp on medical problems a patient may have. Thus, medical treatment can be more efficient.

Companies offering Radiography Learnerships

Radiography Learnerships Available

This field works with diagnosing and solving health issues found internally with patients. There are more fields available today than there were a couple of years back due to advances in technology. Below are some of those fields candidates can consider when seeking learnerships.

Radiography Career Fields:

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  • Radiographer
  • Radiologist
  • Therapeutic Radiographer
  • Diagnostic Radiographer
  • X-ray Technician
  • Clinical Engineer

Radiography Learnerships Requirements

Requirements for radiography learnerships will depend on the career field and company offering the opportunity. Here are some of the requirements you will have to meet to be eligible to apply. Please remember, these are only the basics and each learnership may have additional requirements that must also be met.

Basic stipulations for radiography:

  • Must be a citizen of South Africa
  • You must have an ID document
  • Must have Matric certificate
  • Hold a degree or diploma in the field of application where required
  • Must not be employed or part of another learnership
  • Be a team player but must be able to work independently as well
  • Must be able to prioritize
  • You must be proficient in English
  • Must be computer literate

Most companies in this field have either a 12-month or 24-month learnership opportunity. The duration, compensation, and benefits provided will depend on the company. It is recommended to apply in the area you stay as accommodation, transport, and meals are not included in learneships. If you meet all the requirements, you may apply once learnerships become available.