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Spur Learnership

Spur Corporation is a growing multi-brand restaurant franchisor, headquartered in Cape Town. The group currently has eight brands, namely, Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis Pizza Pasta, John Dory’s Fish Grill Sushi, RocoMamas, The Hussar Grill, Casa Bella and Nikos Coalgrill Greek.

An opportunity has become available for a Learnership at Spur Corporation, Century City & Woodmead Office.

The duration of the Learnership will be for 12 months, gaining practical experience across all Spur Brands and theoretical experience in generic management qualification- NQF 5.

Closing Date: 2023/05/09
Reference Number: SPG230425-1
Job Title: Operations Cadets Learnership
Business Unit: Corporation
Job Type: Internship
Location – Town / City: Century City, Cape Town
Location – Province: Western Cape
Location – Country: South Africa

Minimum Requirements:

  • Grade 12/ Matric.
  • A qualification in Operations Management and/or Hospitality Management (advantageous).
  • Be in possession of a Code 8 driver’s license. (Essential)
  • Must be between the ages of 18-30.
  • In-store operator and/or existing area management experience.
  • 3 years’ experience in restaurant senior management or elsewhere in the restaurant industry preferable.
  • Computer – MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Have a strong sense of self-discipline and time management.
  • Willingness and ability to travel extensively.
  • Excellent work ethic.
  • Coordinate and multitude of stakeholders.
  • Interact interpersonal for the full duration of each day with multiple clients as well as adapt easily to different cultures.
  • Good communication skills, both verbally and written.


  • Deciding and Initiating Action
  • Working with People
  • Adhering to Principles and Values
  • Relating and Networking
  • Persuading and Influencing
  • Presenting and Communicating Information
  • Writing and Reporting
  • Learning and Researching
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Following Instructions and Procedures
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
  • Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Franchisor Profitability
  • Attend Operations meetings to discuss status reports and action plans to improve store’s turnover and standards.
  • Attend follow-up meetings as per the minutes.
  • Monitoring branded product off-takes and Central Kitchens off-takes.
  • Ensure timeous collection of debtors.
  • Ensure the timeous collection of declarations and turnover listings to facilitate checking of correct turnovers declared.
  • Ensure that all relevant in-store strategic intent is in place and conduct follow-ups to ensure maximum turnover is derived.
  • Ensure all franchisee fees and advertising levies are collected/paid by the 15th day of each month.
  • Ensure that monthly financial analyses (income statements) are conducted and provide written guidance on improving net profit.
  • Assist stores/area managers with the compilation of budgets and cash flows (daily/weekly/monthly).
  • Ensure that all relevant in-store strategies are in place, i.e., marketing plans, monthly & weekly overhead budgets and incentives for management, ASPH strategies, staff and casuals and stock turn ratios, etc.
  • Spend quality time with area managers and spend time in stores to ascertain poor food cost/overhead practices and rectification thereof.
  • Protect the investment of the franchisees through proactive activity and maintenance of high standards.
  1. Implement ongoing follow-ups on strategic intent.
  • Ensure that monthly quality and hygiene report and ‘C’ follow-ups are done within 10 days.
  • Ensure that monthly service assessments and ‘C’ follow-ups are done within 10 days.
  • Training of management, casuals and staff, utilizing material at the Operations manager’s disposal, e.g., videos.
  • Attend Bi-monthly management meetings with owners and management, developing action plans for improvement.
  • Utilize tools such as casual and management tests to determine root problems in stores.
  • Arrange mystery shopper reports when necessary.
  • Assist stores in post-training evaluation.
  • Visiting stores to review quality of product, service and hygiene and assist when necessary.
  • Demonstrating and following up of opening, 11h00 am,17h00 pm and closing procedures.
  • Organize Q-pro Audits for problematic stores.
  • Implementing three (3)/six(6)month marketing plans.
  • Ensure that R&M standards are acceptable.
  1. Area Management
  • Schedule training for new franchisees, staff, and management.
  • Assist with opening of new stores.
  • Assist with upgrades, revamps & technical standards in the region.
  • Ensure that the Training Centre has sufficient delegates.
  1. Secondary Functions
  • Handle customer complaints immediately.
  • Ensure that all promotions and relevant promotional material is available in-store.
  • Collect lease agreements.
  • Collect franchise agreements.
  • Collect customer care cards.
  • Update Extranet/ Intranet information.
  • Ensure all Head Office files and administration is kept up to date and organized.

Discretionary Authority:

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  • Provide an operations assessment grading.
  • Provide a service assessment grading.
  • Call a meeting between the Regional Heads and Directors/COO to resolve operational problems in the store.
  • Enforce buyers and suppliers nominated by our company.
  • Request profit and loss statements from franchisees.
  • Negotiate revamps.
  • Implement strategies to improve the Brand and the franchisee’s position.
  • Convert stores from 30 days to a COD account at Vector.
  • Request Q-pro audit for the following:
    • Failed hygiene audits.
    • Poor operational standards.
  • Enforce the retraining of management/casuals/staff at store level.
  • Arrange mystery shopper reports.
  • Draw up repairs and maintenance snag lists and ensure that they are completed by the set date.
  • Debate Branded products viability.
  • Organize Franchise Agreements to be signed.

The learnership will last for 12 months and provides a unique opportunity to work across all of the Spur brands.

The candidate must meet certain minimum requirements and possess specific competencies to succeed.

The various roles and responsibilities of a successful candidate have been outlined and the position offers a great opportunity for personal and professional growth.

About Spur Corporation

Spur Corporation is a growing multi-brand restaurant franchisor, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. The group currently has eight brands, namely, Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis Pizza Pasta, John Dory’s Fish Grill Sushi, RocoMamas, The Hussar Grill, Casa Bella, and Nikos Coalgrill Greek.

They are committed to creating a great place to work, building a collaborative and innovative performance-based culture, which enables each employee to thrive on his or her unique Spur Corporation journey. The employees are passionate and purpose-driven people growing great brands.

Spur Corporation offers various opportunities for learning and growth such as the Operations Cadets Learnership, internships, and graduate programs.

These programs are designed to offer support to the group’s endeavors and operational activities. They offer an exceptional return on investment to all its shareholders.

Working at Spur Corporation allows employees to nurture, learn, grow, and realize their full potential.

The company prides itself on its collaborative and innovative culture, where everyone is encouraged to share and develop their ideas in a supportive environment.

This makes it a great place to start your career as you’re given a chance to make a meaningful contribution, learn real-world skills, and develop your career at a pace that suits you.