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Mechanical Engineering Learnerships 2023-2024

If you enjoy mathematics, physical science, drawing as well as technology then Mechanical Engineering may be the career path to follow.? Choosing a career is not easy for everyone, some just know what they want to become, where others need to be urged into making a decision and Mechanical Engineering Learnerships can help with making the choice.

Your physical and mental activities will also help you in knowing what you want.? However, if you have studied this far and is now ready for a learnership, you ought to know what you want.? There are multiple operations calling for this particular skill set, which comes with mechanical engineering.? You may also be exposed more to drawing and generalizing than other engineering disciplines.

Electrical Engineering Learnerships Career Options

Within this field of study, candidates can enter any of the following careers and more, doors will literally be opening for you from all sides:

  • Developer within the Marine Industry, Construction or Automotive Industries
  • Mechanical Engineer or Mine Engineer within the Mining and Minerals sectors
  • Researcher & Designer within the Aerospace Industry
  • Management within the Utilities, Rail and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Manufacturing & Designing within the Consumer Goods Industry, Chemical Industry or Defense Industry


Learnerships are made available to young adults within South Africa.? These learnerships will aid you in reaching your intended career choice.? Candidates between the ages of 18 and 30 can apply.? Learnerships mainly focus on unemployed South Africans who have just graduated.

Most candidates will also be required to have the following:

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  • Matric / N3 or N4 Technical course
  • English, Mathematics & Physical Science
  • Fitting & Turning will be an advantage
  • Ability to read and design drawings
  • Computer skill and knowledge also required
  • Must know engineering materials as well as their uses
  • Basic CAD training will be advantageous

Companies Offering Mechanical Engineering Learneships

Each year there are Learnerships made available in a variety of fields.? Online Learnerships applications vary depending on the companies offering these programs.? Some will require you to download the forms, whereas others may have a Learnerships online application process.

Closing Date

Each company has their own set closing dates and candidates can check their websites for these dates. Some may also display the dates on the application form or where the learnerships?are advertised.