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GE Power Learnership 2023

Exploring the GE Power Portfolio Learnership

Are you looking for a unique learning opportunity in the dynamic world of power and services?

If so, the GE Power Portfolio Steam Power is offering a learnership that could be your gateway to a rewarding journey of growth and development.

Let’s dive into the details of this exciting opportunity:

About GE Power Portfolio Steam Power:

At Steam Power, change is not just a word – it’s a way of life. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, adaptability is key to long-term sustainability.

The Steam Power team embraces change and thrives on responding to the ever-shifting landscape.

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With a strong services mindset, Steam Power is transforming into more than just a traditional organization – it’s becoming a services-focused powerhouse.

A Team of Diversity and Impact:

Steam Power believes in the power of diversity.

Regardless of your role, your unique perspective contributes to making Steam Power a global service provider of choice.

The organization’s success is deeply rooted in the diversity of its workforce, just as it values the diverse needs of its customers.

Job Description and Learning Differences:

The specifics of the learnership are detailed within the job description.

As part of this learnership, you will engage in an environment that encourages learning differences, making it a space where your unique abilities are recognized and harnessed.

Inclusion and Diversity at the Heart:

Inclusion and diversity are not just buzzwords at GE Power; they are a fundamental part of the company’s DNA.

By fostering an environment that values different ideas and contributions, GE Power inspires growth, success, and a sense of belonging.

Joining the GE Power team means becoming part of a community that thrives on diversity.

About GE Steam Power:

GE Steam Power is a trusted partner for power plants worldwide, spanning coal, oil, and nuclear technologies.

The organization delivers value, flexibility, and cost efficiency to power plants, ensuring that the lights stay on for everyone, everywhere.

GE is dedicated to transforming the future of steam power, bringing extraordinary outcomes to life for customers across the globe.

Join the GE Family:

If you’re enthusiastic about joining a team that’s shaping the future of the power industry, the GE Power Portfolio Learnership could be your perfect starting point.

GE has a rich history of over 125 years, inventing the future of industry and working towards a world that functions efficiently, reliably, and safely.

For more information on this learnership and how to apply, visit GE’s official website.

This could be your chance to be a part of a legacy that’s all about embracing change and driving impactful transformations.