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DVT Learnership Programme 2023

Fast-Track Your Career with DVT’s Learnership Programme

Are you a recent matriculant with a passion for IT or finance and a strong drive to excel in your career?

Dynamic Visual Technologies (DVT) offers an exciting Learnership Programme that could be your ticket to becoming a skilled IT or business professional.

With over 20 years of experience in software solutions and a team of more than 600 IT professionals, DVT is a trusted leader in the industry.

What is DVT’s Learnership Programme?

DVT’s Learnership Programme is a work-based learning initiative designed to provide you with real-world experience while you pursue an NQF-registered qualification.

The programme focuses on two main areas: IT Systems Development and Finance Bookkeeping.

Join our free TELEGRAM channel and never miss a Learnership again.

These learnership programmes are registered with the MICT SETA, ensuring that you receive quality training and mentorship.

The Journey to Success

When you join the Learnership Programme at DVT, you embark on a 24-month journey that will shape your future career.

The programme is divided into two parts:

Year 1: NQF Level 5

In the first year, you’ll work towards achieving your NQF level 5 qualification.

During this period, you’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge while being mentored by industry experts.

Year 2: NQF Level 6 (Diploma)

In the second year, you’ll progress to NQF level 6, earning yourself a diploma.

This phase further refines your skills and prepares you for the professional world.

What Sets DVT’s Learnership Programme Apart?

  • Mentorship: You’ll have the privilege of learning from highly qualified mentors during your workplace experience.
  • International Certifications: Throughout the programme, you’ll have opportunities to earn international certifications, broadening your expertise.
  • Real Work Experience: You won’t just be studying; you’ll gain real-world work experience, setting you up for success in your chosen field.
  • Entry to Internship Programme: Successful graduates of the Learnership Programme will be considered for entry into DVT’s prestigious Internship Programme.

Are You Eligible?

To qualify for DVT’s Learnership Programme, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Matric Certificate with Mathematics
  • No tertiary qualification
  • Strong academic results
  • A passion for IT/Finance
  • Commitment to hard work and continuous learning

If you fit the bill, don’t miss this opportunity to fast-track your career with DVT.

Apply now by sending your CV, academic results, and South African ID.

Let them know your current location and which DVT South African office you prefer for your learnership programme.

This could be your chance to launch a successful career with a reputable industry leader.

Good luck with your application!