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CPD Academy Learnerships 2023

The CPD Academy is a place where people can go to become better drivers, specifically for commercial vehicles like trucks.

The idea for the academy started because many older drivers were having trouble passing required tests to get a job as a driver, and there weren’t enough qualified younger drivers. The academy wants to train these drivers and make them safer on the road.

They even thought about using simulators but realized that wouldn’t work well for the transport industry.

Their goal is to be the best place in South Africa for commercial training drivers, so they changed the name from a training center to an academy.

What Learnerships do they offer?

Professional Truck Driver

A Professional Truck Driver course teaches people how to drive big trucks and transport things safely.

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To join, learners must be at least 27 years old, have finished Grade 10, and pay a fee. Once they’re on the course, they’ll learn how to prepare a truck for a journey, how to drive it, and how to keep track of important documents.

When they’re finished, they’ll be able to get jobs as truck drivers, earn a salary, and get certificates for each part of the course they finish.

They’ll also get good experience while learning how to drive and work with their hands.

Transport Clerk Learnership

A Transport Clerk course gets people ready to work as a Transport Clerk. This means they’ll help make sure vehicles are where they need to be and passengers get to their destinations on time.

To join the course, learners need to be at least 22 years old, have finished Grade 12 with English and Maths, be female and able to speak and write well in English or Afrikaans.

They also need to pay a fee and pass a test that shows they’re trainable. Once they’re on the course, they’ll learn how to plan transport schedules, keep track of vehicles, and prepare reports for management.

When they finish the course, they’ll be able to work as Transport Clerks and get a job working with schedules and transportation.

What is the meaning of CPD Academy?

CPD Academy is a training center that aims to provide better training for commercial drivers.

The academy was started because many drivers refuse to undergo professional driver qualifications, which impacts their income.

To solve this, the academy provides pre-employment training so drivers don’t lose benefits. The academy wants to train drivers that will be professional and safer on the market.

They changed the name to academy because their goal is to be the best place to train commercial drivers in South Africa.

What Are The Benefits of CPD Academy?

If you take a transport course, you’ll have good things happen to you. You can get a job from the training, and you don’t have to wait for your license date.

You’ll also learn from people already working in the job, which is really useful. After three months, you can start earning money, which is great.

And you’ll get certificates saying you finished parts of the course. While you’re training, you’ll learn how the transport business works and how to use your hands well.

Once you’re done with the course, you can make anywhere from R12 000 to R26 000 a month!