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Correctional Services Learnership 2023-2024 DCS Learnerships

About the Correctional Services Learnership

Every year the South African Department of Correctional Services (DCS) offers people from different communities the Correctional Services learnership opportunity. These learnerships form part of the government’s National Skills Development Strategy to create skills and ease poverty and unemployment.

DCS Learnerships are open to those with the necessary qualifications required to study for the Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate in the Corrections Services Learnership (NQF Level 4).

The learnership consists of both theoretical and practical training in how to contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners.

As a trainee, you will be taught how to do this via correction and human development inhumane, secure and safe detention or under community-based correctional supervision.

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This Correction Services Learnership will give you the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the knowledge, acceptable workplace behavior, and attitude that is required in the correctional services. Learners will earn a stipend of R3 500 per month for the duration of the learnership.

Correctional Services Learnership Requirements

There are certain requirements for being accepted into this learnership:

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must be in possession of a Standard 10/Grade 12 Certificate; or
  • Be in possession of a Further Education and Training Certificate NQF (Level 4); or
  • Have successfully completed the National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4)

Latest Government Learnerships

    Other Requirements

    • You must be between the ages of 21 and 35 years
    • Applicants must not have a criminal record (if you have a criminal case pending against you, you must provide all the details when applying.)
    • You need to have a strong character

    Preference will be given to applicants who have additional qualifications such as a Trade or Occupational-based Certificate, Diploma, or Degree related to Security/Corrections.

    Any such additional qualifications will not be considered in the payment of the stipend paid to learners during the learnership or for further salary/wage purposes.

    The FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership in DCS

    This is outcomes-based learning, and the learnership is based on a legally binding contract between the learner, the employer, and the service provider.

    The Learnership Programme is for a period of one year (12 months) and consists of:


    About 30% of the training will consist of theory. This instructional training will take place at an accredited DCS college that will be specified by the Department.

    • Theoretical training will include intensive instruction on firearms, self-defense and physical training.
    • This training is compulsory and means that you will stay at the Training College on a full-time basis.
    • Successful applicants receive free accommodation, meals, a uniform (field wear and a tracksuit), and all training materials during the training period.

    Workplace Training

    The remaining 70% of the training will be practical workplace (on-the-job) training which will take place at the Correctional and Social Reintegration Centres/Units.

    • This part of the training will include duties connected to the rehabilitation and provision of security to offenders.
    • Learners continue to receive a monthly stipend during this part of the training but are responsible for their own accommodation, meals, and transport
    • The Department of Correctional Services does not pay a housing allowance, housing subsidy, pension fund, medical aid, danger allowance or overtime during a learnership.

    Once the learner has successfully completed both the theoretical (instructional) and practical (workplace) phases, submitted a final Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and has successfully undergone external verification by SASSETA, a FET Certificate in Corrections Services NQF 4 will be issued.

    The learnership contract is a legally binding contract and any irregularity or violation of the terms of the agreement will be dealt with by the Department of Correctional Services in accordance with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

    Correctional Services Learnership Application Process

    How to Apply for the DCS Learnerships?

    In order to apply for the FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership, you must complete an application form in your own handwriting.

    How to get the Correctional Services Forms?

    • You can get the Application for Admission to a Learnership in DCS form from any Correctional Services Office, or you can download it from the Department of Correctional Services website.
    • The e-DCS website is under the Forms Tab
      • Once you access the website, look at the top or bottom for the link that says “Forms” and click on it. Then click on the Internship/Learnership Application Forms link.
      • Click on the Learnership Application Form link and the form will automatically download to your computer
    • When applying for the learnership make sure that you specify the learnership post that you are applying for (e.g. DCS Corrections Service Learnership: Gauteng Region: Leeuwkop (Ref GP02)
    • Make sure that you sign the application form yourself
    • Attach certified copies of your certificates and Identity Document (these copies must have been certified within the last 3 months – you can get this done at any Police Station)

    Please Note:

    • Application forms that are late or unsigned will not be accepted
    • Photocopied forms will not be accepted
    • Faxed or e-mailed forms will not be accepted

    Remember that during your workplace training you will be responsible for your own accommodation, transport, and meal costs. It is thus suggested to apply for a learnership in the Region or Management Area closest to where you live.

    Completed Correctional Services Learnership application forms with all necessary attached documents can be mailed (posted at the post office) or hand-delivered to the Regional Commissioner at the Management Office nearest to where you live. You can find the address and contact details of your nearest Management Office.

    Correctional Services Learnership Learnership Information

    correctional services learnership 2020-2021

    Applications for this learnership will open later in the year, normally around November or December. You can keep checking whether the learnership is open for applications yet by checking the Vacancies page on the DCS website.

    Read through the links on this page and look for a link that says Learnership Programme advert with closing dateĀ and click on the link to see if it is the correct learnership (this advert usually also gives all the addresses you can deliver or mail your application to.)

    Also look at our full list of companies offering learnerships.

    162 thoughts on “Correctional Services Learnership 2023-2024 DCS Learnerships”

    1. I want to work dcs i have been intrested in this job since i was young. Please send me the leadership whe its available

    2. I am Nkopane Nthabiseng and this is my dream of been correctional service,and I’m very interested in this job because at the place were I live in, I struggle to have the application forms.I wish that I could found assistance in this job because truly speaking I have passion on this,I wish may God could be with me until I get this.

    3. Gooday. I have been applying for this department for as long as I can remember and I have not as yet being contacted. I have not lost hope though because loosing hope isn’t going to do me any good. ..please what do I have to do to get an opportunity?

    4. am interested in dcs learnership please can u send it to me if available in my email address please I love this job

    5. Wow ,greeting in the wonderfull name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Thembi Mashakeng age 32.This is very interesting and iam also interested as i have got an exprience in security(3yrs) with compitence also and level 4 in(fET)diploma certificate in computer ,i would be glad to see my self serving people under dcs in 2017 Amen be blessed

    6. I would like to be part this training for correctional service learner but
      have grade 10. How can I qualified at this training

    7. I have been called or shortlisted twice for interviews at Goodwood prison in the Western Cape,I was further told that soon will be send to the Training College or Institution at Kroonstad.But up to now,to no avail.
      I still would like to know what happened with my appointment.
      I have further wrote a letter to the Western Cape Provincial Commissioner by then Mr Xilishe but never got a reply.
      I was really dissapointed of what Dcs has done to me.
      Up to now i dont know to whom to complaint,because i have also wrote another letter to the Minister by then Mrs Maphisa Nqakula who never reply to me.I would like to know where is transparency or fairness in this Department.

    8. I am very much interested on becoming a Correctional Officer any where in South Africa.I am in possession of Human Resource National Diploma.I have been applying for this job for quite some years now.
      Kindly inform me of any posts within your Department.

    9. Hi, my name is Luchan Malan,Im a newly matriculant and currently busy with HR qualifications. Im interested in a leanership with DCS and I hope I could get an opportunity to apply for leanership

    10. I will kindly appreciate it if i can be one of those selected when i apply as i have been in love with this job since i was 10 yrs old as my late aunt was working for the department, plz let me know when the next intake application forms are out.

    11. I so wish that ican be one of yours trainees in 2017″iam interested “hope awil be updated”in dcs

    12. I also wish to be one of your trainees in the year 2017 please up date me once applications opens I am interested in dcs programming

    13. i wish to join the learnership in 2017 m so thrilled by the offer the DCS is offering us .what can i make a follow up im so interested in joining.

    14. i am interested in DCS and be a prison warder and my only qualification is my matric certificate,so is there any chance that i could get a learnership

    15. That will be a bit difficult as we dont have an email list yet. It is best to check this website regularly to see if there are openings. Or visit the CS website a few times a month to see if it is already open.

    16. It is best to contact them directly and not using this website for that. We are not CS or the Government. You need to go to the right website to contact them and ask them is everything is well received.

      Good Luck

    17. Read the Instructions carefully on how to apply. Otherwise go to the CS website (follow link in article) and see how you can apply.

    18. We don’t have a Mail list yet. Best way is to keep a close watch at the opening and closing date of this Learnership. You can follow our facebook site to stay updated.

    19. I would like to become a public servant.I do love to work with people and rendering services to the members of society at large.I do love to motivate and assist those who loose hope about life and those who thinks they wont make it because they come from poor,isolated and vulnerable back grounds.I would like to be updated about training post so that i will participate.

    20. I have passed matric, I am also have N4 in management assistant. I am now working as a security officer I would be glad if one day I could have a chance to be part of the correctional services please help I am getting older as now I’m 32years.

    21. How do i apply for the job I’m interest to work in the south african correctional services

    22. I like to work prison warder already im policr reservist for ten years now o like to work ith criminals

    23. Dear Sir or madammy name is Matshidso Motsamai i went to the interview for the learnership last year July i have not heard anything from the department i was wondering if something went wrong with all the respect

    24. I so wish to have all the abdates on the available vacancy in every way to be pat of the department of correctional service with me am holding the relaited documents to this looking forward to here from you

      yours DR Vilakazi

    25. is the application for the dcs learnership still open? I would like to apply for this year 2016. when does it start?

    26. Hi I would love to be a prison warder can I get more info on this learnership please, i will be happy if I get this opportunity…

    27. I like to work with an inmates, to provides rehalitation and help them to become a better citizins, So I like to apply for the learneship program in order to enlarge my opportunities of becoming a social in DCS

    28. jI”ve wanted to work at correctional services ever since i was a kid it was basically a dream and i”ve applied to almost every posts published with no success. I will continue till i reach the age of 35 where i will know i dont have a chance

    29. I am interested to be one of your student at your college.I am a hardworker can you inform me by my email adress.

    30. I was One of your learners in 2012/2013 intake from grootvei prison.the time I apply I was not having any pending case but the time you call me I was having pending case of assault then I was supposed to live the college so please I really ask another chance coz the case Is over and I hv avidavit please give me another chance

    31. I would like to serve in the department of correctional services, please can you update me on your upcoming learnerships for 2016/2017

    32. Why all departments of South Africa making the corruptions of selling post, why?especially the officials,As I’m a resident of South Africa I’m really worried because them they didn’t bought their positions but they want us to buy. I think the officials must create a Department which deals with the corruptions except the police officer(SAPS) because even them are criminals. And that Department must investigate the police officers,Metro police, provincial traffic officer, Municipality traffic officers and officials at the Department. Including the bad behavior to the citizens e.g at clinic and at other places.

    33. This Department is the 1st department of corruptions.Because people are applying the positions but they can’t call you or your will only hear that they are already taken.why? we have to strike for this department including SAPS and metro police and Gauteng traffic police.

    34. My dream is to be a Prison Warder I love working with broken heart people to advise them
      Can I please get up date with training post?

    35. Hi iam glad to see the advertisement of DCS again.i have been trying all this year. I will be happy if i can get a call from DCS .thanx for notify us.

    36. According to age restriction, the FET college admit any ages, now why Dept always need 18 to 35yrs, right now I’m 48yrs old successful NCV level 4 in Economics,finace and Applied Accounting. But Govr don’t give us a chance. Why?

    37. am interested in correctional services how can i apply or submit my cv am having bechalor of science degree

    38. Its been long time applying in this dept. bt never get work. I’m now 44, is there any chance for me, please help me

    39. fotunately it will be a great opportunity of a life time infact i would grab it with my two hand looking forward to be recognised nd considered for the dcs learnership waala……..

    40. If anyone can assist me to get 2016-2017 DCS learnership please god will bless him/her i have grade 12 ,code10 drivers licence and iam also currently in IT computer course in patnet training college in durban

      thank you

    41. Thank you so much for letting us to know about DCS it alway be my dream to become a correctional service officer

    42. I am a student at University of South Africa(UNISA) doing Diploma in Corrections Management. i like doing this coarse because i found more interesting in doing it looking at environmental background.For now what i need is oppotunity to have the learnership because it will help me alot on completing my coarse without any confusion but understanding the workplace on how to deal with the offenders.I did apply for many learnerships since 2012 but nothing happened even though no respond at all.

      So please help me here what can i do to fulfil my wishes?

    43. i applied several times i have all the reqirements but yet i dont make it.iam colourd and heard that iam not black enough is that realy the reason.?

    44. I need to check whether I can be given the opportunity to be reinstated in the department of correctional services, I was once an ideal correctional officer from 2005 to 2011,then the ruling party requested my service and political expirience to go and serve as a PR Councillor at the District Municipality which it was a 5yrs contract…so now my time is left with atleast 9 months so I need to go back home as I was passionate about my calling of being a Correctional officer…so I really need to know what is it that I must do…my record was clean..I served the department with pride…so now I need to come back will it be possible.

    45. Where can I get the application form for the next year Learner ship please help me if u can I really need this opportunity in my life

    46. I would love to work in the DCS as I have a passion of being a Criminal Psychologist,I have studied Criminology & now I’m studing Correctional Services Management.

    47. My dream,life is based on dcs so it will be my biggest opportunity to work there.When i got the chance 2 get employed i cn even go extra miles with with my wuld i apply

    48. I’ve already applied for this learnership and I am still waiting for respond and I wish to receive good respond

    49. Hi I’m Wana Siphamandla and would love to take art in the DCS learnership in correctional services. Is it possible for me to apply now for the next available one? If so please send me an email. Thanks

    50. I’m currently doing my second year at Vaal University of Technology and im interested, if possible you can email me for this learnership programme

    51. I’ve been applying since 2006, but went to intevew in 2008, but i wasnt succesful. I never gave up, because being a correctional officer. I want to apply for the learnership.

    52. I would love to be a correctional officer.Since when I was young in fucture I would be so happy to full fill my dreams.Also proving to my parents that I know what i want , and what is right for me..

    53. the department of correctional services in S.A has been doing a great difference for the last years and i wish they could hold on just like that.

    54. Dear Sir/Madam I am current studing at North West University pursuing my NPDE.(distance learning )but Am so passionate to serve my fellow competriot with an honour.Since 2004 I’ve been trying to engage myself to the dcs.I will never give up

    55. I wish to get a reminder for next learneship,I’m interested working at DCS,I have safety & security certificate level 5 & 6,including 3 firearm certificate

    56. I wish to get a reminder for next learneship,I’m interested working at DCS and I also have safety & security certificate level 5 & 6 ,including 3 firearm certificate

    57. Receive my intensive greetings.

      It is a great pleasure for me to get this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself as follows, i am a female age 23, i have metric, i am doing safety in society and it is my last year. I am doing level 4, i have level 2 and level 3 and i have 14 subjects already as i did 7 subjects per year , i am appealing to you to get a learnership of the Dep of Correctional Service for 2015, this opportunity will change my life for the better.

      Your co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

      THANK YOU…

    58. Can I apply for this learneship I’m interested working at DCS so that I can gain more experience and have some Qualification under DCS I’m a post graduate who was studying Office Administration leve2-level4 and Management Assistant N4-N6, I’m currently waiting for a National Diploma.I wish u can give this opportunuty of this learnship…
      Looking forward for ur Response


    59. Dear sir/madam I work as a security officer for a good known well security company I have matric certificate and a security certificate also. 3yearz now working as a security officer I’ve been applying at the department of correctional. Service for about 5yearz now but nor luke. My wish is to know what can I do becouse I realy like to work for a department of corrctional service do a service a goverment I realy wish to know what to do or how can I apply correctly without any mistakes. Thank you: nzimande

    60. hi there would like to know when r u going to recruit again for 2015 ,please keep me inform as i have been applying for dcs learnership .

      looking forward to your response .

    61. I wish to be one of 2015 dcs student with all my heart,i’ll make sure i apply when de ardvert posted

    62. I wish to get this learnership this year on Dcs it couldchange my life and my childrens am tired of working as security guard.God help me

    63. I am interested in a Learnership programme,i have a BA degree with Psychology,I realy need these forms please help me

    64. am final year student in correctional studies, I wish to take part in DCS in year 2014. I have a dream because I think I will provide the best service to department. THANKS

    65. Thank u so much for letting us know about the DCS it always has been my dream to become a correctional service officer

    66. Hi there i passed my matric in 2006 and I’ve been applying for DCS since i passed my i would like 2 ask wat have i been doing wrong all this time with my application..please assist am desperate for a job right now,time is not on my side anymore.thanks

    67. I love the Department of Correctional Service, so I would like to serve in the Department, so please keep me posted about the job posts please.

    68. I want to pass my regard to DCS by giving us this wonderful opportunity, I am postgraduate in community work who also have a degree in correctional studies, it is my passion to work in correctional centre after saved my internship in, it gave me more strength and truly understand the mission and vision of DCS.

    69. I lookong forward to work under DCS.. Since I finish my matric (2011) and I’m looking for this job because I know I can do better

    70. Hi, I would like you to update about the right time to apply for this learnership because I went to my local correctional service they didnt know about these learnrship. All in all they say they dont offer it. Is that possible I’m so desparetely in Butterworth, Eastern Cape.

    71. I am currently studying NDCM at unisa so can I apply for that learnership and also continue corresponding with my studies at unisa at the same time?

    72. I ‘d love to work under the dcs is my dream so how can i get the application because am stacked…

    73. I thank the department of Correctional Service by letting us know about this learnership and I am looking forward to get it. So my chances good get it since I have metric and I wanted to be Correctional Officer long time ago. Thank you

    74. Im planing to study correctional services mangement this year at UNISA, 2017 i will be the first man to apply for this learnership. Watch the space.

    75. I will be very glad if I would get a reminder to apply for this department. I always applied. May be this time I am going to get an opportunity ..thanks in advance

    76. I would like to work at the DSC because I would like to be part of rehabilitating and reforming the offenders and be part of their re-intergration in the community, hence I am studying a Safety in Society caurse in Parow Campus. I study the following subjects; Applied Policing, Criminal Justice, Law Procedures and Evidence and Governace.

    77. It has been years I’ve been searching for a DSC job and applying but at the end I get no response you hear that you’ll only get in there when you have someone you know in the DCS who will push you in, so is that why we are not attended, please hook us in who are applying in a legal manner and inform us when to apply at the right time so we can get the job.

    78. I would to know if there is any chance of doing basic training as I’m doing my final year of national diploma in correctional service management at university of south Africa because we are only doing theory.I would to be PART OF DSC

    79. I’v been tryng for 2 years to get the school that i could study in but i dont know any here in KZN,maybe i can get all the help i need to fulfill my dreams and choose to do what i’ve always liked to do since i was in the lower grades

    80. Dear Sir or Madam I wish is to work for DCS,I have Matric and I have been working as Security Officer for 4 years Iam Psira Registed. I would like to get a Learnership for next year I can say I am lucky because Iam staying near to Rustenburg DCS at Ramochana.please e-mail me the learnership the time when they are available. God bless and Thank u.

    81. Hey…it has always been my dream to become o correctional officer…..nd hv done criminology…..pls let me know…..whn r de applications coming out again….cos I tried bt…I did not get respond….

    82. At Aaron dont lose hope dear he will never forget u, im getting older too 29 its been years applying for these posts bt i believe everythng as its own tym i really wish this time i can be one of dem this year

    83. I’m interested to be member of DCS and keen to employee.I want serve Community with great pride,May God please forward my CV, i want be Mzansi’s future!!! Thanks for this opportunity again,please recognize our applications nd we’ll set reminders on phones!

    84. I shall wait with all eagerness to be in DCS learnership, to enhance my experience in the development of community. I hope my name will be recorded in DCS data base. Thank you.

    85. In 2012 on 11th of June I was @ grootvlei prison in Bloemfontein for interview and I failed coz I ddnt have any idea about DCS,since then I started to have interest in DCS and I wish God could help me to have another interview…I’m gonna Master it and get my dream job

    86. it is my dream to find my self in the correctional services. i completed my metric 2006 but i
      never knew about this i only find out 2009 since then i was trying to apply but there was no feed back. so my question is can i apply now or i must wait for November,PLEASE HELP

    87. Dear officers i would like to be part of dcs,so anyone who have information about this learnership please help me to join that learnership for dcs so i hope i will be the one once i got a chance-THANK U

    88. I’m looking forward to work under DCs,since I’m a graduate in correctinal studies.hopefully this year is my year

    89. Hi,would like 2 know r my chances good of getting into this learnership since I have got a
      National cetificate in Bussines Management NQF level5,and I have just been through a Millitary fitness training and a police one.

    90. Hi..thnx for de opportunity that de DCS is giving us..ive been trying to apply till today i havnt got any postitive outcomes about my results!maybe its because my turn hasnt when is the next opening dates so that i can tru my luck again!am so inlove with correctional career!thank you

    91. i dont have a matric i only have a grade 11 report that shows you guys i must be in grade 12 i dropped off and went to college i did not found enough cash to pay the fees do i gualify for your learnerships programmes

    92. Im glad to see de advertisement of DCS again ,i have been trying all this years ,i will be happy if i can get a call from dcs as i have been interested to work for it, thax for your faithfullness

    93. I’m really interested in applying for the dcs learnership in2014,kindly let us know when they’ll be advertised..Thanx

    94. Hi, I would like 2 know, Is my chances good of getting into this learnership since I’ve got National Diploma in POLICING, because I believe its security based career.

    95. I have a dream that one day I will be a correctional officer as I am studying correctional studies at university of Zululand so how can I apply this learnership and my problem is that my parents are complaining about my career ,so I will be glad if I could get this learnership ,thanks a lot for letting us know.

    96. Hi. Thank you very much for letting us know about DCS learnership it always been my dream to work in DCS and I am still hoping that one day I will one of the employees

    97. I’ll be happy to know when exactly are the posters coming out. I’m interested in the DCS learnership. I have millwright and would appreciate if i get a chance to apply.

    98. This is the best opportunity ever only if i can have it, guyz thanks 4 info love to work 4 DCS, i realy have 2 find that form, wish i can remeber early. Hooooooooo thanks.

    99. If i want my application to be consider,what my must I do cause I did apply nd I met all the requirements or must I send application letter together with my cv.

    100. Hi i am interested in working for DCS learnership for 2014 this would be a great oportunity for me thank you.

    101. I am interested on DCS leanership for 2014. I have Matric and Financial Management N6 on 2007. I also looking for that 18 months training. Please let me know, when the post are coming out. I will appreciate if I get the opportunity to apply and work under DCS.

    102. I’m Deon Mdakane i interested on working under DCS and i complete my matric last year ,and i’m 19 year old i like to know how to apply?

    103. I have interest to DCS learnership for next year(2014) . I shall be pleased to be specific about the date that shall be advertised.

    104. Im interested in working under DCS and i hope i could get an opportunity to apply for learnership at DCS.


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