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CETA Learnerships 2023-2024

CETA stands for Construction Education and Training Authority. This company provides CETA learnerships to the construction industry of South Africa. Their services ensure that all the people in the construction industry that are taught by them meet the requirements of this industry. They offer hands-on training to many companies in this industry and delivers well-educated people to the workforce.

CETA Learnerships Available

CETA learnerships usually include most fields that have an impact on the construction industry. Their programs offer selected candidates theoretical and practical training enhancing the educational process.

CETA Learnership Requirements

Below are listed some of the criteria that candidates must meet in order to be eligible for the learnership program provided by CETA. Candidates must meet all requirements before making their application.


  • Candidates must have a valid ID book or document
  • Applicants must hold a valid Grade 12 certification
  • Must provide proof of residence
  • Learners with disability must provide medical certificate for disability

All applications must be accompanied by a full CV and all required documentation. Late or incomplete applications will not be looked at.

Join our free TELEGRAM channel and never miss a Learnership again.

CETA Learnerships Application

CETA learnership application online is available to the companies Careers Page or their Education Page once they open. Applicants must ensure that all detail they provide is correct and up-to-date. All requested documentation must be certified copies and not the originals. All fields of the application must be completed in full and submitted along with requested documentation and the applicant’s CV.

CETA Learnership Closing Date

Closing dates of their learnership opportunities are only available once they open which is usually from September to January. Thus, candidates can regularly look on their website for the opening of their learnership programs. Candidates are asked to only submit their information, CV, and applications once their learnership programs open and are made available on their website.