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Brand Influence Internship 2023-2024

For those who have a talent for management and public relations, you might have found the next step in your career!

Brand Influence is looking for eager and passionate individuals who are willing to get involved with its internship program.

This internship offers students many benefits such as training and enrichment from the work environment that they want to get into.

If this is what you want to get into, then don’t wait any longer and apply right now.

We’ve provided a guide on how you can do just that along with how this internship works and what it expects from you.

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The Brand Influence Internship will not be accepting applications after 18 July 2022.

Please ensure that your application is in by then along with any requested support documents that the internship provider will require.

Failure to do so will result in your application being dismissed from the selection process.


This learnership will be held in Cape Town, Western Cape.

What is Brand Influence?

Lori Weiner, an on-set makeup and hairstylist, founded Brand Influence in 2008. From 2009 to 2012, Weiner expanded her brand by establishing a thriving beauty and blogging community.

The company afterward launched innovative campaigns, helped influencers expand, enabled brands to become more sophisticated, grew on social media, had big advisor debuts, and made several Bulletin and Brand Advisor websites between 2013 and 2021.

A team of social sampling professionals working at Brand Influence today develops, investigates, markets, designs, creates, and manages many facets of social media.

Brand Influence collaborates with many well-known businesses and has established itself as a national leader in developing sincere narratives and advocacy.

What is The Brand Influence Internship?

The position of Community Manager has an internship opportunity available through Brand Influence.

The applicant will have the chance to work in the field of digital influencer marketing and join the Brand Influence team, which is in charge of overseeing the management of the Beauty Bulletin and Brand Advisor influencer platforms.

The candidate will gain knowledge of how to formulate influencer briefs, choose trial teams, and steer initiatives into viral dialogues by speaking with audiences and influencers, as well as how to comprehend the strategic requirements of Brand Influence’s customers’ brands.

This internship position will start right away and run from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. in Brand Influence’s office.

This internship program will last from 2 to 4 months and compensate candidates between R2000 to R6000 per month. (Salary will be determined based on the candidate’s experience)

The following are the program’s key performance areas:

  • Identifying the right and targeted Influencer trial teams for each project depending on the client’s brief to develop influencer-driven communication solutions.
  • Daily calls and emails to advisors, decision-makers, and community members.
  • Participate continuously in all Influencer social media interactions (such as moderating comments, likes, retweets, conversations, inquiries, and answers to fans’ and followers’ queries); ensure that all Influencer content and statistics are downloaded.
  • Helping to create final reports using social and community media, encouraging community growth, and looking into nano- to micro-influencers.


This Internship program will require applicants to meet the following criteria to be considered ideal applicants:

  • Must be Matriculated.
  • Must be a marketing or public relations student.
  • Knowledge of Social Media Reporting is advantageous, as is SEO.
  • Knowledge of excellent administrative abilities is advantageous.
  • Excellent writing abilities are required, as well as professional and self-assured telephone manners.
  • Digitally literate and computer literate
  • English must be spoken fluently.
  • The ability to comprehend influencer marketing, Millennials, Gen Z, and social trends must be a passion.
  • Promoting neighborhood development and looking into nano- to micro-influencers.

How To Apply

Applications for the Brand Influence Internship program are quite simple. All you will need to do is send an updated CV to

Make sure to include, “InternshipCM Application” as the subject.

Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns related to this internship program, then you can contact Brand Influence directly through the following means:

Telephone number: 021 349 4727

Contact portal:

Good luck with your application!