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Barloworld Learnerships 2023-2024

Are you passionate about all things concerning motor cars, machinery, and technology while also advancing a cleaner, better future? If this is your first love in life, then Barloworld Learnerships may just be the place for you and your future.

Barloworld was established during the nineteenth century, they boast with processes in approximately 24 countries worldwide, with more than 19 500 personnel in South Africa.

Barloworld is one of the foremost brands in the world, they offer fleet management, integrated rentals, product sustenance in addition to logistic resolutions. They include power schemes, agricultural clarifications, earthmoving and material management for the substantial market productions. Moreover, they also offer supply chain optimization, retail & rental motors, fleet amenities, logistic union, disposal tenacities as well as used motor vehicles.

Barloworld is supported by many of the top brands while providing high-class services to their trade partners and customers. These include business solutions with flexible offers, but most of all value. They embrace brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Massey Ferguson, Mazda, Avis, General Motors, Volkswagen, Caterpillar and much more.

Barloworld offers local and international dealings with a variety of trades. They are dedicated to the development in South Africa and aiding in sustainable employment. This company realizes the importance of the people as the foundation of any organization, thus, they constantly seek talented, young individuals to join their company.

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They have established a great competitiveness within their field throughout the world. This is due to their constant empowerment of the societies wherein they operate, because of developing the skills of their workforce and offering success within their ranks. They aim at uplifting communities, stabilizing the economy and giving previously disadvantaged candidates an opportunity at a better life.

Barloworld Learnerships Available

Barloworld offers a wide selection of career paths. Interested candidates who feel they can contribute to the company, that adhere to all requirements may apply in one of the following fields, or any other field made available by the company.

The following fields along with others not mentioned may be available:

  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Financial Systems
  • Mechanical
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Mine Surveying
  • Instrumentation
  • Computer Science
  • Technology
  • Supply Chain ? Logistics

Barloworld Learnerships Requirements

If you would like to apply for a learnership from Barloworld, candidates must provide all required certification and complete the application form.

To qualify, candidates need to meet the following requirements, however, depending on your field of application, additional requirements may be needed:

  • Grade 12 level of education with a diploma or degree within the field of application
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Possess a Valid South African ID
  • Must be unemployed
  • Be computer literate, with competency in MS Office
  • Proficient in English, read, write and understand
  • Must not currently be studying
  • Must show a dynamic and adaptable personality
  • Be willing to learn with strong technical aptitudes
  • Must give attention to detail

Candidates with a disability must provide a medical certificate, which states the nature of their disability. Candidates with a valid driver?s license will be looked at first if all other requirements are met. Some positions may require candidates to work shifts. Candidates must be prepared to sign a 12 month or longer contract with the company. These learnerships do not guarantee a permanent position. Candidates will receive a monthly stipend.

Barloworld Learnerships Application

Barloworld online learnerships applications are closed at the moment, however, once they open candidates can apply via this PAGE, simply click on the field you are interested in, and if there are any learnerships available, it will show there.

Candidates are urged to carefully read all questions, to complete the application fully and honestly. Also please remember to sign the forms, if applying online please ensure you know how to attach the required documentation. Please also remember to add a cover letter, here on you state all your extra-mural activities, desires, accomplishments and future ideals.

Applicants will be contacted that make the short-list and an interview may be scheduled. Candidates who show an excellent academic along with leadership potential will be looked at first. The company may request additional information from candidates at their own discretion or arrange for an interview prior to awarding the learnership.

Barloworld Learnerships Closing Date

Applications are available yearly on Barloworld?s website, once a position becomes available. There is no specific time for learnerships opening and closing with this company.