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Astral Agriculture Learnership 2023-2024

Astral Farm Management Learnership Programme 2023/24 in Gauteng

Are you passionate about agriculture and interested in a career that involves managing broiler farms?

If so, this job opportunity might be perfect for you.

We are currently seeking a dedicated and motivated individual to join our team and take on the responsibility of managing broiler farms.

In this article, we will explore the job description and requirements for this exciting position.

Job Description

As a manager of broiler farms, your main tasks will involve overseeing the daily operations and ensuring that broiler farm standards are met.

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You will also be responsible for relieving the broiler farm manager when needed, managing staff, and ensuring production, maintenance, and health and safety protocols are followed.

Responsibilities include

  • Managing individual broiler farms: You will play a vital role in the management of individual broiler farms, overseeing their operations and ensuring smooth functioning.
  • Achieving broiler farm standards: Maintaining high standards in broiler farms is crucial, and your responsibility will be to meet and exceed these standards.
  • Relieving broiler farm manager: When the broiler farm manager is absent, you will step in and take charge to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Managing staff, production, maintenance, and health & safety: Your role will involve overseeing the work of the farm staff, managing production processes, ensuring proper maintenance of facilities, and prioritizing health and safety measures.


To be considered for this position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Matric Qualification: A high school matric qualification is a must.
  • Relevant Degree/Diploma in Agriculture (advantageous): Having a degree or diploma in agriculture will give you an added advantage in this field.
  • Self-motivated with excellent people skills: You should possess self-motivation, along with strong interpersonal skills to effectively manage and work with a team.
  • Computer knowledge: Basic computer skills will be beneficial in carrying out administrative tasks efficiently.
  • High standards and attention to detail: Maintaining high standards and paying attention to even the smallest details is essential in managing broiler farms.
  • Passion for implementing 20 keys: An eagerness to implement and follow the 20 keys, a set of principles for optimizing farm operations, is highly valued.
  • Flexibility to work weekends and public holidays: Given the nature of the job, the ability to work on weekends and public holidays is a must.

If you meet the requirements and have a genuine interest in the management of broiler farms, this job opportunity offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Join our team and become part of an industry that plays a vital role in providing quality poultry products to meet the growing demand.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Apply now and take your first step towards a successful career in managing broiler farms!

About Astral Operations Ltd

Astral Operations Ltd is a prominent company in South Africa that offers a range of exciting career opportunities through its learnership programs.

In this article, we will explore some interesting aspects of Astral Operations Ltd and discuss why their learnerships are so appealing to individuals seeking valuable professional development.

Astral Operations Ltd is a leading integrated poultry producer in South Africa, with a rich history and a strong presence in the agricultural industry.

The company is committed to delivering high-quality poultry products while maintaining sustainable and ethical practices.

Astral Operations Ltd operates across various stages of the poultry value chain, including breeding, hatching, broiler production, and the processing and marketing of chicken products.

Why Astral Operations Ltd Learnerships are Appealing

  1. Comprehensive Learning Experience: Astral Operations Ltd offers learnerships that provide a comprehensive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical training.

    Participants have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in various aspects of poultry production, including farming techniques, animal husbandry, quality control, and operational management.
  2. Industry-Leading Expertise: Astral Operations Ltd is a well-established and respected player in the poultry industry. By participating in their learnerships, individuals can benefit from exposure to industry-leading expertise and best practices.

    This exposure enhances their professional growth and equips them with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field.
  3. Career Advancement Opportunities: Astral Operations Ltd learnerships provide a solid foundation for career advancement in the poultry industry.

    Participants receive comprehensive training and mentorship, positioning them for future growth within the company or the broader agricultural sector.

    The skills acquired during the learnership program enable individuals to pursue rewarding careers in areas such as farm management, production supervision, quality assurance, and operational leadership.
  4. Commitment to Employee Development: Astral Operations Ltd places a strong emphasis on employee development and invests in the growth and advancement of its workforce.

    Learnerships are a testament to their commitment to nurturing talent and developing a skilled workforce that can contribute to the company’s success.
  5. Employment Opportunities: Successful completion of a learnership with Astral Operations Ltd opens up potential employment opportunities within the company.

    As learners gain practical experience and demonstrate their capabilities, they may be considered for permanent positions within the organization.

    This provides a direct pathway to a fulfilling career with a leading player in the poultry industry.

Astral Operations Ltd offers learnerships that provide individuals with an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in the dynamic field of poultry production.

By participating in these learnerships, individuals can embark on a rewarding career path, benefit from industry-leading expertise, and contribute to the success of Astral Operations Ltd.

Whether you have a passion for agriculture or are looking for a challenging and fulfilling career, Astral Operations Ltd learnerships are an appealing choice to kick-start your professional journey.