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Ampath Laboratories Learnership Facilitator 2024

Ampath Phlebotomy Learnership Facilitator Programme in Centurion

What is This Learnership About?

If you have a passion for teaching and healthcare, becoming a Phlebotomy Learnership Facilitator at Ampath in Centurion, Gauteng, could be the perfect career move for you.

This role offers an opportunity to contribute to the development of essential skills in aspiring phlebotomy technicians.

Let’s explore the exciting responsibilities and benefits of this position:

Job Description:

As a Phlebotomy Learnership Facilitator, you will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and facilitating OBET (Outcomes Based Education and Training) course material and learning programs for the phlebotomy learnership.

Your responsibilities will include assessing learner evidence, conducting recruitment and selection for the learnership program, and performing administrative tasks to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

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To be eligible for this position, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Grade 12 qualification
  • Nursing Diploma / Certificate / Certificate in Phlebotomy Techniques
  • Registered Assessor, Facilitator, and Moderator
  • SANC Registration in Relevant Register

Required Experience:

The ideal candidate should have experience in the following areas:

  • Coaching and/or HOD (Head of Department) experience within an Ampath depot
  • Familiarity with Google and Google Mail
  • Knowledge of Meditech system and MS Word
  • Phlebotomy training experience
  • Nursing experience within a hospital and/or laboratory environment

Key Responsibilities:

Your key responsibilities as a Phlebotomy Learnership Facilitator will include:

  • Assessing learner evidence to determine competence
  • Assisting in the recruitment and selection of new learners for the phlebotomy learnership program
  • Developing and facilitating phlebotomy learnership material and programs in Outcomes Based Format
  • Moderating assessment evidence to ensure standardization
  • Performing learnership-related administrative tasks

Benefits of the Role:

Working as a Phlebotomy Learnership Facilitator in Centurion, Gauteng, offers the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to make a difference by empowering future healthcare professionals
  • Career progression opportunities within the company
  • Generous compensation package

If you have a strong background in phlebotomy and a passion for nurturing talent, consider applying for the Phlebotomy Learnership Facilitator position at Ampath.

Join a team dedicated to providing innovative and quality pathology services while shaping the future of healthcare professionals.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career and apply today!